Market Intelligence

As a Professional Sales and Marketing Extension of our Business Partners, KJ&A works diligently to provide a high level of intelligence as it relates to inventory at the retail level, dynamics that contribute to sales trends and competitive information.

Customer Integration

At KJ&A we work to understand the needs of our Independent Dealers, Key Accounts, Distributors, Law Enforcement Agencies but most importantly, our Leadership Team works closely with our Manufacturers to understand their needs. For KJ&A to optimize the value we provide, we must fully understand the needs of our Business Partners.

Exceptional Business Acumen

The KJ&A team is comprised of best in class Professionals who represent a cross section of our industry from retail / mass merchants, manufacturing and marketing. Today, members of our team serve as Professional Witnesses for manufactures within our industry, we consult with ownership teams and investment partners on both short and long term planning, forecasting and acquisitions.

Grow Your Business with KJ&A

When you join the KJ&A team as a client of our agency, we will treat your business as if it were our own. Our team of sales & marketing professionals are highly-regarded by tactical, archery, and shooting sport industry leaders. With their years of experience, they will help you navigate product marketing, sales hurdles, business relationships, and more. Our goal is to ensure you have the strategy, product mix, and connections to help your company grow. 

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Our Dealer Network

Our customer platform is comprised of four key pillars, E-Commerce Accounts, Tactical Accounts, Archery and Shooting Sports Accounts, and Farm & Ranch Accounts.

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“With our long tenure in the eyewear market of 31+ years, I’m proud to say that we first started our partnership with KJ&A at the onset of their inception back in 2010.  We’ve truly grown and learned as a team as we’ve pursued the Outdoor and Tactical markets with KJ&A providing our brand and customers with first class service.  Without their dedication, support, expertise and strategic efforts we wouldn’t be positioned as we are today within these valued channels.”

Ray T. Hill IV
Vice President – Retail Sales, Wiley X, Inc.

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