KJ&A, a leading outdoor manufacturer’s rep group, to represent TriggerTech across the United States!

Morrisville, N.C. (November 2022)Ken Jefferies & Associates, LLC, a leading manufacturer’s representation and marketing firm within the outdoor and shooting sports markets, welcomes TriggerTech.

About Ken Jefferies & Associates, LLC:

Located in Morrisville, North Carolina, just minutes from Raleigh-Durham International Airport, Ken Jefferies & Associates, LLC is a first class manufacturers’ representation and marketing firm. KJ&A offers premier sales representation, product and program development assistance, market research, strategic planning, and public relations and marketing services for industry leading manufacturers.


About TriggerTech

Our Vision: To be an enterprise people can trust.

Our Mission: Relentlessly innovate to inspire confidence and improve performance.

Our History: Mats Lipowski, a mechanical engineer with 14 patents to his name, was whitetail hunting with a crossbow when a beautiful buck walked into range. Mats lined up on the buck, and began to squeeze through the gritty, creepy, 9 lbs trigger. The bolt was off but it was not a clean trigger pull. Mats, a former competitive shooter, had missed a buck broadside at 40 yards because of this triggers performance.

Mats just knew there had to be a better way. After talking it through with long-time friend and fellow mechanical engineer, Greg Baniak, the two set out not just to improve the trigger but to reinvent it.

The first prototype Zero Creep Trigger was developed in 2012 for an Excalibur Crossbow in Mats’ basement. It worked beautifully. The trigger was capable of holding the 280 lb draw weight of the recurve crossbow, and enabled a shot to be fired with an exceptional crisp 1.5lb trigger pull. They knew they were onto something but were just beginning to comprehend the many benefits and applications of their rolling friction design.

Today TriggerTech has become the preferred trigger to leading OEMs, competitive shooters, recreational enthusiasts and hunters. Our triggers have gained a reputation for providing industry leading performance without compromising safety or reliability, even the harshest of environments.

TriggerTech offers the only Zero Creep triggers for crossbows, bolt action rifles, AR’s and we are just getting started!


TriggerTech operates out of a state of the art 42,000 sq ft facility with in house R&D, manufacturing, assembly and testing capabilities. We believe in precise trigger control. Your trigger is your firearm’s operating system and its purpose is to ensure you are safe and successful. We believe the trigger is the most important component in any firearm and that you should love and trust your trigger. For the last nine years, we have obsessed over triggers and have left no detail untouched.


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